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ISTQB Dumps 2016

Are you looking for ISTQB Dumps 2016? Read on to grab the latest ISTQB dumps available for the year 2016. The material has been updated for 2016 with latest exam patterns.

If you are in Software Testing, one of the most popular certifications you can do is ISTQB Foundation Level Certification. There are hundreds of thousands of certified testers and you might want to be one of them. Many organizations require ISTQB as mandatory certification for testers when they recruit them. I will tell you how to get latest ISTQB Dumps 2016 and easily pass the exam.

ISTQB has 3 exam levels and we are going to talk about foundation level here.

How to prepare for ISTQB Foundation Level –


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1. Download the official latest ISTQB 2011 syllabus from and read it thoroughly.
2. Find out study materials from internet and do some practice ISTQB Mock exams.
3. Here is one of the best source for free sample ISTQB Dumps for 2016
4. The dumps that are available in the internet are not good for actual exam but are useful for practice.
5. You might want to get some premium sure pass ISTQB Dumps 2016 from this site – 100% passing ISTQB Dumps / Study material
6. Decide which board to attempt the exam from – Indian Testing Board (ITB), UK TB, ASTQB etc. UKTB conducts BCS ISTQB ISEB Foundation Level exams via Prometric centers and they are easy and convenient in my opinion. They provide quick result too.
7. Register with the board and follow tips and tricks given in the material available at the step no 5 above.

Instead of hopping around old ISTQB sample papers one should look for genuine study materials based on actual syllabus and ISTQB dumps for this year 2016.

Go for it. Some free sample papers link for your use. ISTQB Guru has good reviews and recommended by thousands of testers worldwide.

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You can also get some free ISTQB Dumps from here.